Glamorous History

Northern Star’s sleek, sculpted design was born from a desire to bring back the “gentleman’s yacht” amongst a sea of white bellied mono-hulls, catamarans and cruise ships that merely provided a floating surface rather than a luxury experience aboard a fine work of art.

Based on preliminary designs by Swedish boat architect Ocke Mannerfelt, Northern Star was handcrafted in Maine by the prestigious Hinckley Company, a boat builder whose name is synonymous with luxury performance yachts. Northern Star celebrates Hinckley’s legendary, 85-plus year tradition of superior quality and lasting iconic beauty. The largest yacht ever built by Hinckley, the 76′ modern cutter rigged yacht is also the first boat they produced that used composite construction combining a modern materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber with classic wooden styling — a process that is now standard at the company.

Northern Star was originally commissioned as a private custom sloop yacht for a European shipping family with Norwegian royalty as frequent guests in mind. She is a masterful combination of Mannerfelt’s original plans, master carpenter Carl Robinson’s stunning joinery, and Hinckley’s team led by project engineer Steven Weiss. Together, they radically redrew the yacht’s sheer line, detailing her complicated and stunning raised panel interior joinery to create a technologically advanced sailing yacht with an extraordinary old world antique feel. Although boasting a state-of-the-art hand laid glass laminate hull, her elegant styling conjures visions of a bygone era. Her craftsmanship, innovative engineering, and classic design are a true artistic expression of the joy and excitement of yachting. Northern Star is indeed the pinnacle of luxury.

Now, after years of entertaining dignitaries and royalty along the Scandinavian coast and sailing with her crew to exotic ports across the world, the aristocratic Northern Star is now available as a crewed charter offering the experience one dreams of to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life amidst the spectacular backdrop of the sea. Aboard, you’ll be steeped in the rich traditions of sailing, all the while surrounded by the comfort of modern conveniences.

While there are many great boats plying the waters of the world, none have the soul of a Hinckley, drawn from the incredible spirit and pride of the American craftsmen in Trenton, Maine, who have been bringing Hinckley yachts to life since 1928. No matter where a Hinckley sails, she always remains tethered to the heritage and the heart of the Maine coast.”

From “A Reason to Play Hooky” by Robert Iger
Published in Vanity Fair – April 2014

Eye-catching aesthetics, world-famous Maine craftsmanship and clever usage of technology. When you see a Hinckley, you immediately recognize her. There truly is no substitute.”

Published in the Tory Burch blog, “Tory Daily”
“Spotlight On: Hinckley”, October 26, 2012